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DARE 2 DESIGN: Inviting all 2-5 graders to participate in Dare 2 Design 2022-23, a fun program for young minds full of ideas. Discover cool innovations, work with scientists, make new friends as you together build innovative models that solve everyday problems we all face.


Dare to Design is a program for 2-5 graders to develop innovative mindset. The students will go through the 7-step process of innovation to solve a problem they face regularly. This fun, hands-on camp teaches, problem-solving, collaboration and the process of innovation.

Is Dare 2 Design for you?

Do you think there are problems or things around you that you can fix? Do you love building and designing solutions? Then Dare 2 Design is
for YOU! With Dare 2 Design you will identify a problem, record your steps as you solve it, build a model that solves the problem and demonstrate it.


By guiding the students to convert their ideas into a solution, we build students’ innovation skills, problem-solving methods,
entrepreneurial abilities, critical thinking and collaboration. You will work with university professors and industry professionals
with patenting knowledge and experience. We use a rigorously tested 7-step process to make it a fun and productive experience for the participants. We will engage in understanding, breaking and making, not just watching! In March 2023, participating students will have an opportunity to showcase their prototype at EMUiNVENT, a regional invention competition to win cool prizes.

Where and When?

Saline Schools, Ypsilanti Schools, Others:

Coming soon


The program fee is $358 per student.
CONTACT Saline Schools for more questions